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We think it's time to re-evaluate traditional framing

  • Skilled labor is increasingly harder to find
  • Lumber prices fluctuate often and are impossible to predict
  • A constantly shifting schedule is draining you
  • You can't afford another weather delay
  • Clients are demanding more sustainable methods
  • Concrete and structural steel will kill the budget

Could you skip all those issues and still deliver on budget?

Absolutely! We engineer prefabricate and install Cold-formed steel (CFS) framing solutions to give you speed, quality, and cost savings. Your building will be enclosed in half the time. Guaranteed.
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Compared to stick framing, more CFS wall square footage can be set each day. Less curing downtime makes CFS faster than concrete, too.

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Offsite manufacturing utilizes BIM and precise 3D modeling to keep MEP on track. This also makes sure that trades are not interrupted

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The Wall-tech enclosure system is 30-40% cheaper than concrete. Average savings of $9/sq ft.

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Who We Are

At Wall-panel Prefab, We understand what it's like to deal with unpredictable schedules and project management headaches. We are construction veterans who've been in business for 35+ years and are a recognized leader in CFS prefabrication

Our team of experts in pre-planning, engineering, and project management can provide you with a tailored CFS framing solution to match your project. Your building will be completed faster and with superior quality.

Talk to us today so you can stop micromanaging slow projects and start delighting your clients with an on-time, on-budget delivery.

How It Works


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We'll take some time to learn more about you and your project


Get an Engineered Solution

A customized integrated plan that fits your specifications, your budget, and your schedule.


Delight your Client

We guarantee that your building will be enclosed in half the time and on budget

See Our Work in Action

Metreau Apartments, Greenbay, WI - CFS enclosure resulted in $250k savings and an early delivery.

Industrialized Construction

Read our Article from Construction in Focus Magazine (June 2023)

Case Study

These Iowa City luxury apartments initially had a 10-story concrete design that pushed the project over budget. To save money, the developer planned to compromise with wood framing and just 4 stories. Wall-panel Prefab and Wall-tech offered a better solution.





  • 6 Stories
  • Underground Parking
  • 1st Fl. Retail space
  • Precast concrete podium
  • Load bearing CFS enclosure system

CFS provided more stories than wood without the need to pay a premium for concrete and the additional parking that 10-stories would have required. With CFS, the developer got better flexibility in floor count and parking requirements.

What the process looks like




Prefabricated CFS framing for a mid-rise building

Other Case Studies of Our Past Projects


Fiserv Forum Arena – Milwaukee, WI.

  • 170 field personnel and 14 foremen— each running several crews
  • Interior framing, drywall, and misc. carpentry
  • Exterior enclosure, engineering, and prefabrication of CFS framing
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Metreau Appartments - Green Bay, WI

CFS Enclosure $250,000 in savings & early delivery.

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milwaukee ballet

Milwaukee Ballet - Milwaukee, WI

Rendering of the Baumgartner Center for Dance. CFS Enclosure 40-day schedule … finished in just 7 days.

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The benefits of designing with Prefab Panels

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